Why Pc Is Better Than Console?

Are you thinking of investing in a new system? If yes, you would probably be confused between a PC and a console, right? Which is better, and why sort of questions must be popping in your head, aren’t they?

The gaming world is enriched with many different sorts of technical gadgets. But, choosing the most worthy ones can be a bit challenging. Each choice has its own list of pros and cons, and weighing them to take the final decision is indeed critical. Similarly, choosing between a gaming console and a gaming PC can be tricky as well.

In order to facilitate you in making the right decision, we offer a detailed comparison of each aspect of both PC and console. However, if your personal preference is on either side of the two, going with the one you feel comfortable with will be the best option.

Before going on, we’d like to add something. If you are going to build your own PC or decide on the storage space that your gaming PC requires, you can check our relevant posts out. Now, coming back to PC vs console, let the match begin.

PC vs Console: What’s better?

Before going into the details and putting personal preferences aside, the simplest answer to this question is that a PC is a way better option than a console. From maximum performance to relatively better visuals and efficacy, a gaming PC is built to deliver an all-in-one approach to its users.

Moreover, the biggest plus point with a PC is that you get the option to customize it as well. These aren’t the only reasons. We won’t leave it all there. Hence, this was just a teaser; the real show is present below.


High-end performance is the most attractive point that people look for when buying a gaming-oriented system. The reason why PCs tend to perform better in the presence of high-end components includes.

Due to the strong components, gaming PCs often feature sharper graphic images and greater rates of frames per second. To save heat and lower manufacturing costs, game consoles are weak in contrast to current gaming PCs.

The majority of gaming consoles have a 60 fps restriction, which occasionally falls even below. On the other end, PCs can run at frame rates of over 140 frames per second. Furthermore, top-notch PCs like Apex Zen are capable of even accomplishing resolutions as high as 4k.

Price Point

Even though many gaming PC systems are more expensive than gaming consoles, it’s crucial to account for console-specific charges, such as annual or monthly online membership fees and more costly video games.

A gaming PC might cost between $1,000 and $3,000 initially. Although consoles can cost only between $400 and $600, PCs have substantially lower lifetime costs. Since a new console gets launched every five to seven years, the older ones become obsolete and are unable to run the latest games.

Consoles might be expensive or hard to repair. All-platform games are typically less expensive on the PC; a recently launched game that is priced at 70 dollars on the Play station 5 may cost you around o4 d400 to 600 dollars on the PC at launch.

Free online services:

Another excellent factor that draws people to PCs is free gaming. Free games such as Valorant give PC users access to enormous online playing games. Additionally, many gaming companies may give away free-of-cost games to clients for a certain period of time during promotional tenures.

In addition to paying for an internet connection, you will need to join an online service through a console if you wish to interact with people via online gaming. Consoles must be linked to the internet through Wi-Fi connectivity or Ethernet, but a subscription to the provider is necessary if you want to obtain online features like competitive gaming.

Based on the console you use, such online subscriptions might charge you from $20 to $120 annually. In contrast, an internet connection is a sole requirement to play multiplayer online games on a computer.

Freedom of control:

Whether they are wireless or not, the majority of controllers used for gaming on consoles like the Xbox or PlayStation also function on PCs, offering you additional alternatives.

In order to play first-person-shooter games with more accuracy and precision, PC gamers typically utilize a mouse and gaming keyboard. Rather than utilizing game controllers, competitive e-sports players frequently play with a mouse and keyboard.


A major consideration when choosing a gaming PC over a console is the upgradable options that it comes with. Although the play station 5 and Xbox Series X consoles’ new hardware designs are moving closer to those of PCs, they are still constrained by the basic hardware that came with them when they were built.

In contrast, a gaming PC offers a wide range of hardware options, including Chipsets, power supply units, RAM, and even GPUs. With this free choice, you may customize your PC to meet your unique needs and goals, giving your visuals, frame rate, and playing experience the first priority.

You may modify and choose a different Processor, coolant, RAM, storage options, motherboard, and GPU, as well as other components when purchasing or building a personal computer.

Dedicated gaming options:

While some games are console-oriented only, the PC has more exclusives than the majority of consoles. There are countless independent games available for download on the internet since it is now simpler and more feasible than ever to make your personal play. Additionally, because it is expensive to convert games to consoles, many independent games are only available on PC.

Since the majority of distributors will provide exclusive discounts in order to promote PC game sales, games that are not exclusive nevertheless profit from being on the platform.

The Bottom Line:

All in all, having to choose between two premium choices can be quite confusing. This situation calls for expert opinion, and we have granted you ours. If you want to enjoy endless benefits, including performance and free gaming, a PC is the perfect choice for you to choose over a console.

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