Who we are

Suggested text: Our website address is: https://www.pcdiscover.com.

The confidentiality of our customers is one of our top objectives. The sorts of information PC Discover gathers and records, as well as how we utilize it, are described in the following sections. Please feel free to establish contact with us if any of your queries need to be solved or require more info.


PC Discover utilizes “cookies” similar to every other webpage. The primary purpose of this is to keep a record of the data about the audience’s interests and the web pages they access or browse on the site. We tailor the content of our web pages as per the users’ browsing varieties and/or other details and aim to provide you with better outcomes as a result.

Applicable Online

Our privacy statement solely pertains to our online operations and is applicable to data that website users share, obtain, or submit through PC Discover. Information gathered offline or from sources other than this website is not covered by this policy.