How to Fix: if Amd Radeon Settings Does Not Open?

How to Fix: if Amd Radeon Settings Does Not Open

Are you a gamer? If yes, you would probably be sure of what graphics and performance mean to a gamer, right? Well, if we round that up, that’s all that gamers ask for. A high-end gaming experience calls for one to strike the perfect balance between visuals and functionality.

If anything can help you in this regard are the AMD Radeon Settings. Users may modify the visual quality and amount of detailing in games with this setting. For the best gaming experience, visual quality and performance must be balanced because better graphics resolution may have an influence on performance.

However, what if you call these settings for help and they do not respond? If you are facing an identical issue, do not panic, as you are not the only one having this problem. You may have just updated your GPU drivers, after which this app fails to launch.

Fixing this up so that you can customize your gaming needs is indeed crucial. So, we present you with some of the most efficient ways that can help you in fixing your AMD Radeon Setting’s opening issue.

What is the reason behind the failure in the launch of AMD Radeon Settings?

The most frequent root causes of this particular issue are shown below.

This may also assist you in choosing precisely what approach you should use to solve it:

  • The primary reason is faulty graphics card drivers, and some users fix the issue by upgrading or rolling back the driver.
  • You should upgrade the operating system right away if a new version is available.
  • It’s possible that the installed driver version and AMD Radeon Settings version are out of sync. Utilizing Registry Editor, you can correct it.

The Solution

Now that we have understood the problem and its reasons completely, talking about the solution can be a bit easier. The following ways will aid you in fixing your AMD Radeon Setting issue for sure.

Checking for Updates

The majority of people who are experiencing this problem just upgraded their system. Since you can’t block Windows from upgrading, you can manually check for updates to see whether a newer patch has been released that addresses the Radeon Software problem.

Checking for Updates

Here’s how to manually check for updates:

Step 1

Simply go on to press the ‘Windows key’ that resides on your keyboard. You will see an icon having a ‘gear’ sign on it. Click on this icon to access settings.

Step 2

At this step, you have to scroll to go below. As you do so, you will be able to find a section named ‘Update & Security. Go ahead and select this option.

Step 3

Now you will have to select the section named ‘Windows Update.’

Step 4

After completing the third step, you will have to look for an option that will allow you to check for any possible updates. Click on this option and wait for the process to get completed. Once you get this done, you can now restart your system.

If this procedure does not aid you, don’t worry as we’ve got four others.

Scanning and Fixing Drivers:

This problem can be a sign that your graphics driver is flawed or out-of-date. Therefore, if you can’t recall the last time you checked for driver updates, you should do so right now.

The majority of compatibility problems are often resolved by the most recent GPU driver, which replaces the flawed settings. By visiting the AMD upcoming news, locating the most recent, accurate installer, and carefully installing it, you may manually update your drivers.

However, Driver Easy can automatically update your drivers if you’re not confident messing around with device drivers. Additionally, its restore point function will assist you in securely recovering from problematic driver upgrades.

Step 1

Download and set up an application named Driver Easy.

Step 2

Furthermore, after successfully launching it, select the option named ‘Scan Now.’ Following this procedure, the application will start its scanning process on your computer to detect malfunctioning drivers.

Step 3

By doing so, your system will be able to download and install the latest versions of all the old or lacking drivers automatically.

Restart your computer after upgrading your drivers to see whether Radeon Software is operational.

Booting up your system

It’s conceivable that some applications or services on your computer are incompatible with Radeon Software because every configuration is different. Background processes that can conflict with your Radeon Software are disabled by a clean boot.

Generating New Profiles

Some customers stated that there might be an alternative solution to reinstalling the graphics driver that might restore the functionality of Radeon Software. You only need to remove a file. You can give it a go and monitor the results.

Detecting Corrupted Files

If none of the aforementioned changes work for you, there could be a serious system problem. However, you may use a specialized utility to restore your system rather than going for the “nuclear option” of reinstalling Windows.

The expert Windows repair program Restoro can scan the general health of your system, analyze its settings, find problematic system files, and automatically fix them. Since it offers you brand-new system components only with a single click, you shouldn’t need to reinstall Windows or any of your software, and you don’t lose any settings or personal data.


Step 1

Install and download the repair program known as Restoro.

Step 2

It will start a free scanning process of your system and grant you an in-depth examination of your system’s current state.

Step 3

You’ll receive a report with a list of all the problems after it’s done. Click the option that says ‘Start Repair’ to immediately address every problem.

The Conclusion

Dealing with PC-related issues can be a bit stressful. Well, all you need in order to deal with such things is a tested solution. Our guide to fixing AMD Radeon Settings guarantees a solution that will benefit you in no time and with little effort. 

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