How Much Storage for a Gaming Pc?

The storage space of a PC is one of the most significant aspects that one should be skeptical of before buying or building a gaming PC. Speaking of building, if you want to efficiently build your own gaming PC, make sure to check out our guide on How to build your own PC in 8 steps.

Whether you are going to build a new PC or go out and buy one for yourself, being skeptical about the specs of the system is vital. The same goes for the storage memory on your computer. You must understand the importance of storage if you are a gamer. And even if you do not know properly, let us tell you why.

As storage dictates how many games and other data you can store on your PC. Getting the most of this spec is undoubtedly crucial. Moreover, as the latest technology is flooding into the market, the games are becoming heavier. Why so? Well, it is because these latest games have better resolutions and more features.

A smooth gaming experience hence requires space for these games to run. If you take a look at the market, you will find numerous options of storage spaces, from GBs to TBs. However, choosing the appropriate one depends on many factors.

Here, we explain each aspect associated with storage and the amount of it that you need in your PC.

SDD or HDD: Which one to choose?

HDDs often function great for video games. You will not have to face any issues if your HDD has adequate storage space for your games (20GB to 100GB for a single installation for the latest games) and is speedy enough to handle the visuals.

No wonder an HDD is more budget-friendly as compared to an SSD. But, SSDs are far quicker, lightweight, more robust, longer-lasting, and energy-efficient. If these plus points make you want these, you’ll have to invest a little more bucks.

Factors determining Storage Space?

If you want to decide the storage space of your gaming PC, it is important for you to first determine some essential factors that play an important role in deciding the space you need. It’s an individual preference to choose how much storage space is needed for a gaming PC.

Along with your budget, you must think about your gaming interests and activities. The following are the main factors you need to think about:

Type of games you like

Depending on how you use your computer, everyone needs a different amount of storage. On one end, it is possible for some to manage with 500GB of storage by limiting what they save on their system, while some individuals keep running out of space regularly and hence, need to expand it.

For gaming PCs, the same principle applies. You may require varying storage capacities depending on the type of gamer you are and the kinds of games you play on your system.

For instance, you will not wish for more than 500GB of storage if you’re a beginner and play simple games. However, you’ll want more than 1TB if you’re a passionate and hard-core player who is into playing AAA games.

AAA mega games might occupy up to 200GB on your drive. Because of this, a 1TB hard drive can be a wonderful starting point, but if you frequently download AAA games for your PC, it might not suit you.

Knowing your budget

Before deciding which storage drive to invest in, it is quite important for one to declare their budget. Despite the fact that PC storage has gotten more reasonably priced recently, the budget might still be an issue for many. If budget is not an issue, you may get a 1TB storage drive for about $30, which is a great option.

However, if your budget is limited, the majority of gamers adhere to the 500GB limit, particularly if they are newbies, and plan to increase their capacity over time. Nevertheless, the cost of each GB drops as capacity increases, rendering the purchase more profitable.

Your System Use

Even the most dedicated players utilize their PCs for a variety of other things. You may, for instance, keep your movies and images on your computer or work on other time-consuming projects like; content generation or video editing.

In these kinds of circumstances, you should additionally consider the needed capacity for these operations. As a consequence, 500GB of space will not suit you, even if you play independent games or are a casual gamer.

Playing Platforms

Several game streaming platforms let you use their resources to get rid of the storage issue. This approach lets you use the graphic processing and storage capability of the streaming servers without even needing a high-end computer. This even makes AAA blockbuster games playable on smartphones.

All you need to play the games smoothly is a quick and stable internet connection. The majority of such services aid you in keeping your games stored locally so that you can play them while offline as well.

If your system is incapable of storing enough data, you can choose not to use local storage. You simply need to download the game streaming software, which is only a few MB in size. If expanding your physical storage space is not possible, you may still purchase cloud storage and keep your games there.

Cloud gaming offers a lot of opportunities, but you could ultimately decide it’s not worth the extra money. Because there are currently few expensive cloud gaming infrastructures, which is why these game streaming providers must charge large membership fees.

The Bottom Line

All in all, a simple rule that can apply to storage needs is that the more, the merrier. However, considering other factors such as pricing, priorities, etc., can make you choose amongst the many options available. If you are an enthusiast and cannot compromise on your gaming experience at all, going for larger options such as 1 or 2 TB will suit you.

However, if you are not so regular in gaming and are a little tight on the budget, considering getting your hands on a 500GB SSD can be a great choice for you. 

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