How Long Does It Take to Reset a PC?

How Long Does It Take to Factory Reset a Pc

Numerous situations can arrive that may demand you to factory reset your PC. Or is your piled-up data in the system all you want to get ride off? If you are dealing with any similar sort of situation, being here is the primary right step that you have just taken.

If you want to factory reset your whole system, you might be concerned about the time this activity will take. After all, you wouldn’t want to compromise your gaming or work time of the day as well, right? So, in order to help you out with the resetting process and deliver you all the knowledge about it, we are at your service.

What is a factory reset?

A factory reset, sometimes referred to as a master or a hard reset, is a technological procedure that restores the system state of an electronic device to its initial one by wiping all of the data from the device.

Resetting the PC:

Restoring your computer to its default settings is known as a reset. To accomplish this, either format your computer or remove all of the data, files, and settings to return it to its original default settings. When you reset your system, all of your personal data, settings, partitions, configurations, and software will be erased.

You might be thinking right now that this is a bad idea. Why would someone want to perform this action and restart at zero? When you give it some thought, you’ll realise that although it initially seems terrible, it actually has a benefit in that it enables you to fix computer problems that might otherwise be fatal.

How long does the resetting process take?

How long it takes to reset your computer is a question that has no fixed answer. A PC typically resets in between 30 and 3 hours under normal conditions. A PC’s reset process might, however, take up to a day in some rare circumstances.

The reset process is influenced by a variety of things. Such as the type of storage device you’re using, the amount of data on your computer, and the number of files you wish to prevent from being lost.

On really sluggish PCs, there have been instances where a PC reset takes the whole day. You can either choose to delete all the data from your system or keep some specific files.

Deleting all or keeping some

All applications and settings are removed when you choose the option that allows you to keep some of your files, but private files are preserved.

Because the computer doesn’t remove everything from your drive and its partitions, this operation goes significantly faster than the other option with which you can delete everything. When Windows is reinstalled, your data and crucial folders won’t be deleted since you prevented them from doing so.

All user-specific settings, applications, and data are fully erased when you choose to go with the removing everything option. This choice takes a lot longer than the previously mentioned choice as everything on your computer is erased, and Windows 10 is restored without any of your old files, apps, or configurations.

Operating system and RAM:

The length of time it takes for your PC to reset will also vary depending on the installed RAM and operating system (Linux, Windows, or Macintosh) on your computer.

Another aspect that affects reset time is the OS and version of your computer’s hardware. The reset procedure takes longer if your OS is older. Under typical working settings, the speed of your computer is determined by its central processing unit (CPU) and RAM.

When you reboot your PC, the same restrictions apply. A PC with a higher specification, such as an 8-GB RAM core i5, will finish the resetting process more quickly than one with weaker specifications, such as a 4GB i3 system.

Amount of Data

The amount of data you have saved on the computer is one of the key elements that affect how long it will take for your PC to reset. Your computer will take longer to reset the more files, settings, directories, configurations, and apps it has.

The final conclusion is that resetting your PC won’t take long if you have a newer computer model with greater specifications. The situation is different if you use an outdated PC. It can take hours for the reset procedure to finish.

Storage Drive:

Computers can include either an HDD which stands for Hard Disk Drive, or an SSD which stands for Solid State Design. Therefore, resetting a computer with an HDD will take longer than one with an SSD.

External Connections:

The reset procedure will take longer if your PC has more external devices hooked in. Therefore, before you begin the reset procedure, be sure that any plugged-in such as a keyboard(s), mouse, cards, external hard drives, etc., are unplugged.

Is Reinstallation of Windows 10 required after resetting?

Your PC gets an automatic installation of Windows 10 again after resetting. Therefore, if you factory reset your computer, you won’t need to install Windows again. It is one of the causes for why resetting Windows and your PC’s specifications takes so long.

The Bottom Line:

All in all, the amount of time that you will have to invest in the resetting procedure of your system depends upon numerous factors. From external connections to RAM, storage drive, CPU, and even the options that you select determine how quick your procedure will be.

Do remember that if you are going to work on a unit that is quite old, you will have to spare much of your time for this process. However, if you want to go to work on the latest model, the process will be relatively quick and less tiring for you as well. 

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