How Long Does It Take To Download Windows 10

How Long Does It Take To Download Windows 10

Is your PC demanding the installation of a new window? There are multiple instances when you will have to reinstall your windows. You may be facing malware or performance issues, or you may only want to upgrade your operating system’s version. Whatever the reason is, downloading and installing a new window requires time.

However, if you are thinking of how long it will take you to do so, you are at the right place. We are going to explain the tiniest detail involved in Windows 10 installation in this guide. So, come with us and upon a new window of knowledge about Windows 10.

How much time does downloading Windows 10 take?

The speed at which your internet is operating and the speed that your server is granting you from which you are getting the update are the deciding factors. Keep in mind that a download’s speed is determined by the element that moves slowly during the entire procedure.

Typically, each connected to a server that Microsoft has to offer operates at a speed of almost 10 Mbps. If your internet connection is significantly higher than this and you are manually downloading the operating system, you may speed up the process by using an application such as Internet Download Manager.

This software downloads it in segments over a number of connections to their server, combining them once it is completely downloaded. If you intend to download a lot of content from the internet, this software will come in quite handy.
This software downloads it in segments over a number of connections to their server, combining them once it is completely downloaded. If you intend to download a lot of content from the internet, this software will come in quite handy.

Your connection speed and the size of the download file are now the two key factors determining your download speed. The Windows 10 OS’s size is close to 3.5 Gigabytes. Enter your internet speed and the file size of 3.5 Gigabytes in the Time Calculator to get an idea of how long it will take to download Windows 10. If you are switching from Windows 7, we advise against upgrading so because a clean install would be quicker and more effective overall.

Time Required to Install Windows 10

No more than three hours should be needed. That is a quick and easy response. However, if you have an SSD (Solid State Drive), which is around 10 times quicker than a regular hard disc, things can go much more quickly. On a brand-new high-end PC, you can even install Windows 10 in 15 minutes or even less. It can take longer if you’re using an outdated computer with a sluggish or damaged hard drive.

It will take much longer than if you were performing a fresh install if you choose to “upgrade current OS” since Windows will need to back up your current data, relocate files, etc. In any event, barring anything seriously wrong with your machine, it shouldn’t take more than three hours.

After Windows gets installed, the initial boot will take longer than two minutes as it continues to set up other components in the background. The speed of the disc also matters if you are using a CD or a USB flash drive for installation.

Upgrading Windows 10

Updates are a very other matter. There is currently no effective solution to halt automatic Windows updates. When you need to do an action, such as restarting the computer or clicking a button, it only disturbs you when the complete update is automatically downloaded in the background.

However, if you manually attempt to update Windows 10, it will take a while to download. This is likely because Microsoft provides slower connection speeds for updates due to the large number of PCs requesting an upgrade.

Regular updates, like KB, won’t take long. However, compared to KB updates, the Windows 10 build upgrade takes a while. Since it upgrades Windows during installation and can need to load several cumulative updates, if you are running an older version, it could take hours or even an entire day.

In a nutshell, Windows 10 update times are also influenced by the Internet, hardware (such as disc speed), and upgrade channels (because downloading and installing an image takes longer than waiting for Microsoft to send an update).

Clean Installation of Windows 10

Your personal data will be removed during installation. Therefore, before performing a clean install, we highly advise you to back up your vital data. Expert PC backup software might be a useful tool for this task. One prime example of such a tool is MiniTool ShadowMaker.

Simply adhere to the instructions below for a clean installation of Windows 10:

  1. Use Microsoft’s webpage to get Media Creation Tool.
  2. Make a bootable USB drive with the help of this tool.
  3. Change the boot order in BIOS and restart your computer from the newly generated USB device. Next, launch the Windows Setup screen.
  4. Set the keypad, clock, and language.
  5. Select the option that says ‘Install now.’
  6. Type in the Windows 10 passcode.
  7. Choose the installation version you wish to use.
  8. After agreeing to license terms, choose Windows only for installation.
  9. Select the location where Windows 10 will be installed. Select Drive 0, which has free space once the original system partition has been deleted.
  10. Windows Setup is putting Windows 10 into place. Configure a few system settings next, and then use the prepared backup to restore your files.

The Conclusion

This guide is largely helpful if you’re seeking an answer to the topic of how long the Windows 10 download procedure takes. It focuses on three distinct topics: updating Windows, installing Windows 10, and downloading Windows 10 as well.

So whatever you need, we are at your service to offer you that. From downloading to installing, we hope that by reading this post, you will have greater confidence in carrying out such sensitive procedures. Moreover, if you want to know about the resetting process and the time it takes, you can visit our take on how long it takes to factory reset a PC. 

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