Best Motherboard for 3080

Best Motherboard for 3080

Finding out the best gear in the world of tech can be quite hard. Whenever one surfs the market, a new hype, a new model, and mixed opinions are present. So, to sort out this issue for you all, I decided to dive in myself and experience everything in person.

I took the following different units that were compatible with my 3080 and experienced the ups and downs that they have to offer. By doing so, I was able to create this review list which features the lows and highs of all those models.

So, if you have been struggling with the same issues, here is all for you to know.  

Our Recommendations for Top Best Motherboard for 3080 Brands:

ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming


What do buyers have to say?

One of the most impressive models when it comes to motherboards that go well with i5 9600k is the ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming board. The unit has made a huge impact on the buyers with the functionality that it promises. Moreover, the look of this unit is one of the most appreciated designs among several other boards available.

What makes it stand out?

The functioning that this motherboard is potentially able to offer is what makes it one of a kind. With the help of the PCIe 4 express, this unit can bring one of the broadest ranges for expansions to the user. Other than this, the USB ports that it features will definitely give you the most versatile and gaming-oriented connectivity options ever.

With the aesthetically pleasing design, this unit has left a deep impact on many users as well. The Aura Sync RGB lighting is truly one of its own kind as it enhances the look of your PC and the environment of your gaming room as well. The RGB headers that are addressable and come along will let you get an even better vibe and look.

The comprehensive cooling system that is a part of this unit is one of the main highlights that it features. With the help of this feature, the unit becomes able to maintain temperature even when under overload. Plus, the sonic studio III feature of the motherboard makes it capable of offering the most in-depth experience to gamers.

Who will use it?

Any gamer who likes to have an all-rounder sort of option can use this unit as it will deliver the utmost performance. Moreover, the connectivity and networking options in this motherboard are gaming-oriented as well. So, if you are serious about gaming, this is one of the prime options for you to consider.

ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus WiFi

MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk

What do buyers have to say?

As far as the ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi is concerned, the unit comes packed with numerous gaming features that attract buyers. The most talked about feature of this unit is its power design. Moreover, seeing the motherboard, you will think that the manufacturers have surely worked hard in the department of aesthetics as well.

What makes it stand out?

With the help of the power-packed design, the unit features 12 + 2 power stages that make it possible for the unit to deliver at the best level. Plus, the military-grade TUF components installed in this system enhance the performance and make sure that the users can become able to enjoy these benefits for as long as possible.

As ever, ASUS makes no mistakes when it comes to the overall look of the unit. The AURA Sync RGB lighting once again proves to be amongst the best in the business. Moreover, the fully controllable RGB headers add more to the final look of the unit. The ASUS software transfer full controls to the user regarding the lighting.

With the next-level connectivity options, this unit makes itself more worthwhile. With the M.2 slots along with A and C type of USB Gen 2 ports, and PCIe 4.0, this motherboard holds everything a gamer needs. Plus, the VRM heatsinks and thermal pads make sure that the device does not turn hot irrespective of the load.

Who will use it?

From networking to connections and expansion options, this motherboard by ASUS has everything one needs to uplift the gaming time. So, it can be amongst the most perfect choices for people who love to game more often and expect their system to never heat up even when overclocking.


MSI Z690 Force

What do buyers have to say?

Another one of the top motherboards for a 3080 is the Gigabyte X570 AORUS Elite. With numerous attractive features, this unit is bound to serve as one of the most special and high-end units available. The VRM design of this board has impressed thousands of buyers including me.

What makes it stand out?

The points that make this board one of a kind and quite impactful is that it features 14 phases of VRM design that can bring the most out of it. With these staged designs, one gets a functionality that is free from disruptions due to the I/O shielding effect. Moreover, the unit features a set of the most durable and quality-oriented components.

The extended heatsink of the unit is what makes it possible for the board to relieve more heat in less time. Moreover, for protection from overheating the unit holds thermal guards in it as well. Other than this, the unit also features a Smart fan 5 hybrid so that the user never goes through the overheating issues.

The connectivity options of this unit make it even more impressive. With the help of the USB type C ports and PCIe 4.0, the users get to expand the system as much as they like. Moreover, the unit also features ultra-fast NVMe ports which are undoubtedly the best in the business. The AMP-Up audio is present on board so that you don’t have to insert a separate sound card.

Who will use it?

If you like to buy something that will be relevant in the future as well, this unit may be able to fulfill your demands. The unit is able to deliver amazing connectivity options to all the gamers out there. Moreover, the protection employed by this motherboard is there to let you have peace of mind as well.


ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus

What do buyers have to say?

MSI is amongst the most demanded brands when it comes to the motherboard and their utmost functionality. With this launch, MSI has yet again succeeded in impressing the users. From the functionality to the speedy connection options, this motherboard has everything on-board to offer to the users at such a pocket-friendly price range.

What makes it stand out?

The Core Boost technology of MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX is all it takes to impress the user and set this unit apart from all other competitors. This technology enables the unit to function with more precision, speed and makes sure that the unit never gets interrupted. For this purpose, the board comes with pre-installed PCIe steel armor in it as well.

The lighting fast connection options available on this motherboard are there to make you able to expand your limited system and support the data transfer at a far quicker rate as well. As this unit supports NVMe and features turbo M.2, your SATA connections will be faster than ever. Moreover, the USB ports and PCIe Gen 3 express are there as well.

The optimized thermal design of this unit makes it possible for it to stay cool. With the extended surface areas of featured heatsinks, the heat dissipates more quickly than usual. There is a Flash BIOS button for quick recovery as well. Moreover, the audio boost is there to give you a better sound as well.

Who will use it?

From sound quality to core boost technology, this board by MSI works as a true masterpiece. Any gamer who is a bit tight on the end of the budget will love to get so much in so less with the MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX.

ASUS ROG Strix B450-F

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-F Gaming

What do buyers have to say?

The users can adjust the gadget in accordance with their individual needs thanks to the open optimization choices. The board is highly intriguing because of this aspect. Additionally, ASUS’s craftsmanship is noteworthy because of its robust components.

You can only hope to have such a strong and quality-focused combination in a reasonable package, however, ASUS fulfills your hope with this model.

What makes it stand out?

Through automatic system tuning, the 5-way optimization of this board offers overclocking and temperature control. The product is well suited to the demands of a professional gamer thanks to these features. The board and the system make a good first impression courtesy of the Aura Sync RGB lights.

One of this motherboard’s most crucial components is the gaming audio, which ensures a memorable experience. The I/O shield protects the device against electrostatic discharge and other types of interruptions. This makes the user able to overclock up to a greater extent without worrying about the throttling effect of the unit.

The connection options that the board comes with include dual M.2 as well as USB ports. However, you will only get USB ports of type-A with this unit. Other than this, the board is compatible with Bluetooth as well so that the users can enjoy wireless connections as well.

Who will use it?

If overclocking is something that you are aiming to get, this board by ASUS is one of the most decent option at a fair budget that you can get your hands on. Moreover, the aesthetics of this board will present an eye-catching look as well. Plus, the shielding effect that it offers adds more to the overall value of the board.



What do buyers have to say?

I used the MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus to get my head wrapped around all the hype that is around this unit. However, I must admit that the unit’s capabilities have surely succeeded in impressing me. When it comes to MSI, the core boost technology of the motherboards makes the unit appealing and attractive along with the red and black combination design.

What makes it stand out?

From core boost technology to the thermal solution, there are numerous features on the board that set its class apart. With the help of the core boost technology, the users can take advantage of the speedy functioning of this board combined with the performance that never fails to impress.

Other than the core boost technology, the unit also features a high-end cooling system with patent fans and frozr heatsink. These two components of the unit will bring you a sigh of relief as your board will never get overheated. Moreover, the audio boost system of this unit will drive you through a wonderful experience of gameplay as well.

This model by MSI is a perfect choice for overclocking up to higher memory speeds. As it comes with M.2 shield frozr and I/O shielding, your performance will not get disrupted at all. The lighting Gen 4 connectivity options will enable you to have paced-up data transfer rates as well.

Who will use it?

Numerous gamers around the world prefer motherboards that are ideal for overclocking, and this unit is a dream come true for all of them. The system holds all the features that especially suit all the gamers and their gameplay needs. So, buying this will definitely make a difference in their lives.



What do buyers have to say?

When one gets a motherboard, one of the most expected factors they have in mind is connectivity. As for this model by Gigabyte, it does not fail to impress the users at all. The unit comes packed with features that will bring you an all-time best gaming time as well.

What makes it stand out?

All that you need is a powerful design and great connections for great gameplay. As this unit operates to provide both these plus points, it has earned its spotlight. The unit comes in with a VRM design of 8 phases that is able to deliver a powerhouse sort of performance to the users.

Other than the design quality, the heat relieving system of this motherboard is quite commendable as well. Large surface of the deployed heatsink of this unit is able to dissipate more heat in less time fraction. Plus, the thermal pads are there to protect your device from overheating as well.

The model features connectivity options including USB 2.0 connectors, NVMe support as well as PCIe Gen 4. These options will let you have future expansions in the device. Moreover, for your ease, one of the most signature features; Q-flash plus button is also there for the BIOS. The RGB 2.0 fusion makes sure that the looks do not get compromised.

Who will use it?

From gamers to people who are keen on overclocking, this board is a must-buy option. The unit comes with a hand full of beneficial points that will surely make your gameplay brighter and more fun.



What do buyers have to say?

Gigabyte has worked hard to ensure that people agree that its gear is extremely reliable and of the highest caliber. This device is not an exception, since it has excellent durability. Additionally, given the price range at which it is offered, it is among the most affordable versions one can find in the enormous market.

What makes it stand out?

This version’s RGB feature is capable of supporting RGB LEDs in seven distinct shades. This specification is certain to improve your gaming experience. Apart from this, you can only obtain high-end functionality because PCIe Gen3 and M.2 slots are available to give you high-end connecting alternatives.

To ensure that the player is not distracted while enjoying, the noise-canceling filter and the elevated sound functions are included. This board’s ability to handle displays with dimensions of both 1920 into 1200 as well as 4096 into 2160 at sixty hertz adds to the list of outstanding features.

With the employment of smart fan 5, the board keeps the system from overheating even when it is under load. All these features at an affordable price range will allow you to spend without worrying as well.

Who will use it?

If one’s pocket is not allowing heavy investment to be made, this choice will let you get many amazing features without doing so. From looks to performance and connections, it has all that one needs as the basis for gaming.

Summary For Top 8 Best Motherboard for 3080:


With numerous different options being sold every other day in the market, it can become quite confusing whether to invest in a particular option or not. In order to help you decide with greater confidence, I have shared my experience with you about the numerous options that are potentially able to make you happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does RTX 3080 provide value for money?

The RTX 3080 is among the greatest graphics processors for supporting 4K gameplay, particularly when you consider its pricing. 4K videogames are exceedingly challenging to operate. At this level, you can play all games at their highest settings at or extremely close to 60 frames per second.

Is 3070 or 3080 better?

Compared to the 3070, the 3080 model has slightly under forty-eight percent more threads, while the 3090 version has an additional twenty-one percent. Even though reaction times do decrease significantly as you go upwards, this distinguishing factor causes a significant performance difference between such GPUs in certain situations.

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