Asus Rog Strix Z490 E Review

Are you planning on building your PC all by yourself? If yes, you can have a look at our take on How to build your own PC in 8 steps and do it like a pro. However, in order to build the perfect gaming or high-end PC is not all about steps but components as well.

Well, of course, it is the brain of your PC; the motherboard is undoubtedly the most crucial component that you need to be skeptical about when buying. As it dictates the whole performance of your system, being a little picky will bring no harm to you.

But first, it’s important to know about the model of your CPU. We have covered the best motherboard for i5-12600k, RTX 3070, i5 10600k, as well as Ryzen 7 2700x, which you can check out.

Whether you are using a low-cost i3 or i5 or i7, or you’ve upgraded to i9, we have a board that goes perfectly with all of them. The ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E is one of the most exceptional choices available in the market. This board has a special edge over many other alternatives, and we are here to show you why.

We have done our homework and made a detailed review guide for you to evaluate each and every aspect of the ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E. So, let’s do less of the talking and more of the reviewing.

What Features does ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E hold?

When it comes to finding something that is worth your investment, you tend to look for a plethora of features. 

Well, this is exactly why we’ve brought ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E to you, as it holds a long list of following features:

  • Optimal Power Design
  • 4600 MHz of memory speed
  • DDR4 support
  • 128 GB RAM memory
  • Unparalleled Performance
  • Advanced Thermal Solution
  • Next-Gen Connectivity
  • Industry-leading Audio System
  • High Aesthetic Quality
  • Durability
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • 2.5 G Ethernet
  • I/O Shield
  • Aura Sync RGB
  • Overclocking

We are not ending it here, so keep on reading to know the details of each aspect of this board.


The foremost factor that attracts buyers is the stylish and appealing design of this motherboard. ASUS has raised the bar high with the crafting of this stylish board that is bound to bring your PC’s look to a higher level.

It won’t be wrong to call this board a powerhouse. The extreme power design incorporated in it is different than many other traditional boards and guarantees a beast-like performance. If paired with the Intel 10-core CPU, this board gets able to reach its highest potential of functionality.

Aura Sync RGB:

The Aura Sync RGB helps in further enhancing the futuristic aesthetics of this board. This look will ultimately make your gaming system eye-catching. The software enables the users to have full control over the addressable LED strips so that they can personalize the look of their GPU.


When it comes to the dictator of your whole system, making sure that it is connected to every single component is very critical. As for this motherboard, ASUS has tried its best to let you be free of this concern by providing next-level connectivity options.

The back panel of this board features an HDMI port and four USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, amongst which three are type-A while one is type-C, and Display port 1.4. Additionally, you will get one Thunderbolt 3 port on this board as well. As it is PCIe express compatible, it comes with three PCIe 3.0 expansion slots as well.

Thermal Design:

When you are working with a motherboard that is speedy and allows overclocking as well, you must be aware of the fact that the generation of heat can become a problem. However, the ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E, with its exceptional thermal design, has got this domain covered as well.

Comprehensive Heatsink:

The high-quality heatsinks integrated into this board make sure that the user of the system does not have to face any interruptions during operations. These heatsinks provide an efficient heat transfer possible.

Fan Headers:

The fan headers that are a key part of this board also contribute to relieving the heat and cooling down the system. These efficient fans make sure that the unit does not get too noisy. Plus, they make it possible to maintain a temperature of 5 Celsius delta.

Advanced Heatpipe:

The advanced Heatpipe integrated into this board has made the cooling process even more efficient. As the surface area of this Heatpipe is wider than older versions, it will allow greater heat transfer at a faster pace.


The ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E comes with an onboard 2.5 GBPS LAN and offers Wi-Fi 6 technology as well. This combination allows speedy and more stable networking, especially for gamers. Another edge that this board offers to its users is the fact that it also holds Bluetooth 5.1 features in it for wireless networking.


The industry-leading SupremeFX audio and Sonic Studio are two exceptional features of this board that make sure that the users never get distracted because of the surrounding noise. For this purpose, the board uses premium noise detection and noise cancellation specs that help the gamers in getting the best experience and a more focused gaming time.


One of the best characteristics for which ASUS is popular in the market is its standard and quality of products. The company has made absolutely sure that the users can enjoy lasting time with this product. For this, the design has been made with sturdy material.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, ASUS ROG Strix Z490-E has everything on point so that its users can rely on them and build a trustworthy relationship. From durability to functionality, you will get a one-stop solution for your gaming and PC via this motherboard.

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