Asus Prime B560m-A Review

Do you own an Intel Core i9‑11900K or an Intel Core i9‑11900KF, or an Intel Core i9‑10900KF? Are you looking for an excellent option in the domain of motherboards that can go super well with your system and performance settings? If yes, we have got you covered. However, if you own a lower model such as i7-12700k, you can have a uniquely personal look at our take on the Best motherboard for i7-12700k as well.

Now, coming back to where we started, we all know that there are several options that can suit one’s needs. However, not every other choice can prove to be the best, right? If you have concerns and are afraid of beginning your search, let us tell you that we are not letting you fight this battle alone.

From functionality to stability and superfast transmission speeds, everything matters when a gamer looks for an appropriate motherboard. In order to find all of these specs in a single package, we have carried out in-depth research to bring you the most impeccable product. Our comprehensive controls form search and hours-long side-by-side comparison have given us a name you can trust.

The ASUS Prime B560M-A, as its name suggests, can prove as a prime option to go pretty well with your system and gaming style as well. Here, we offer you a detailed review of this boost daily productivity so that you are left with no doubts at all. So, let’s get into it.

What does it Promise?

The reputation of this company is set as one of the most advanced and handle high loads effortlessly vendors of computer hardware. The portfolio of this organization is filled with innovative hardware. The ASUS Prime B560M-A is yet another product that is bound to win the hearts of gamers.


  • Intel LGA 1200 socket
  • Eight power stages
  • ASUS prime b560m OptiMem II
  • VRM heatsink
  • M.2 heatsink
  • multiple onboard heatsinks PCH
  • Hybrid fan headers
  • Fan Xpert 2+
  • PCIe 4.0

What Advantages does ASUS Prime B560M offer?

Some of the key e promises that are guaranteed to benefit you with the purchase of this board are:

  • Powerful Technology
  • pristine audio quality is on point
  • Outstanding provide pristine audio quality features
  • Memory overclocking
  • comprehensive cooling solutions
  • Ultrafast connectivity
  • Improved compatibility
  • Enhanced Stability
  • Friendly installation procedure
  • Networking

Wondering about wanting to learn more? Don’t worry as we are not leaving it here. So, keep on reading:


The foremost thing that you will notice with this board is the robust stable power design and look that makes it eyeful. Similar is the case with the ASUS Prime B560M-A. This gaming keyboard is not just eye-catching but also quality-oriented, which makes sure that you get a lasting benefit from it.

Aura Sync RGB

Other than the stylish crafting, this motherboard comes with a high aesthetic sense as well because it firmware features Aura Sync RGB. This intuitive software is one of the prime ways that enables the user to have complete intuitive rgb lighting controls of the RGB components and LED strips as well. This feature makes the unit quite handy and gives an upgraded gaming vibe to your pc systems.  


As far as overclocking is concerned, this is the most highlighted feature in which most gamers are invested while searching for the best motherboard. By overclocking, you can change many factors of your RAM. These factors include voltage as well as timing. This process helps in making the unit go faster than it was intended to do so.

When it comes to the ASUS Prime B560M-A allows overclocking of up to 5000 MHz. At this price point, this board is one of the very few which offer such extraordinary create feature rich builds to its buyers.

Chipset and Socket

This motherboard by ASUS features an Intel asus prime b560m chipset which has numerous benefits. At first, the asus prime B560 chipset by Intel is able to support dual dual HDMI, DIMM channels. Furthermore, as it allows memory overclocking, it will never be an issue for the gamers to go overboard and test the limits of their systems. It does not support asus prime b560m exclusive pcie memory slots 5 but is undoubtedly compatible with configurations of 1, 2, and 4.

As this motherboard is compatible with LGA socket 1200, it comes with additional 49 pins than the LGA 1151 socket, which is its predecessor. This additional benefit allows the user to get improved delivery of power. Moreover, with this socket installed, you will get support for I/O features as well.


The motherboard of your system serves as the central support system, connecting many of the other significant parts of your PC to one another. Data can be sent to one component that may be connected to numerous others via some of these physical connections. Hence, connectivity is one of the most crucial features that a board has to have.

As far as the connectivity options of this motherboard by prime b560m are concerned, the board grants you an all-in-one package. First of all, the board is PCIe 4.0 compatible and offers you two USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, out of which one is type-A while the other is type-C. Plus, there are 7 USB ports on the front as well for headers.


A gamer would never want to compromise on the stability and quality of gaming networking, right? Well, if this applies correctly to you, then we are happy to inform you about the exceptional networking options that this board has to offer. The board comes with Intel 1GB Ethernet as well as a key E slot for Wi-Fi.

Thermal Design

The strong and flexible tools heatsinks installed in this unit are what makes it ideal for gamers. The hybrid fan headers, as well as Fan Xpert 2+, combine to make the system relieve all the heat. In this way, no interruption occurs during gaming hours.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the ASUS Prime B560M-A is one of the best motherboards you can find on the market. Not only is this compatible with the i9 asus prime series, but it is also a wonderful option to choose if you own an i7 series. The impeccable design features, aesthetically pleasing look and quality construction make this board an outstanding product.

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